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The Healing Powers of Vinegar, Revised and Updated Mass Market Paperback
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KENSINGTON - More than 100 heart-healthy recipes exploit the powers of a home remedy in the updated edition of
The Healing Powers of Vinegar
by Cal Orey.

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GOT WEEKEND PLANS? CHANGE ‘EM: We don’t know how we missed this earlier, but this Saturday will see the 8th annual “Vinegar Day” in Roslyn, S.D., a day dedicated to "Soured Powered Fun for the Whole Family." (Their words, not ours.) According to the promoter (Who, not so coincidentally, wrote The Healing Powers of Vinegar, Revised and Updated), the day will be “packed with vinegar-related fun and festivities.” And, [s]he adds, vinegar’s “proven home cures may help you ward off summer woes such as insect and bee stings, sunburn, swimmers ear, toenail fungus, and weight gain which can lead to high blood pressure, out of whack cholesterol, and diabetes 2.” OK, we get it, but c’mon; it’s Vinegar!

BRANDWEEK: The Daily Insider
Cats and Vinegar Power
Six must-have home cures
By Cal Orey, South Lake Tahoe, CA

Chances are you already have this natural, inexpensive folk remedy in your cupboard – apple cider vinegar and white distilled vinegar. It’s time to start using them more, according to the popular book The Healing Powers of Vinegar: A Complete Guide to Nature’s Most Remarkable Remedy Revised and Updated (Kensington, September 2006). Here’s why.

1. Good Health: Holistic vet Bob Goldstein, VMD, of Westport, Connecticut, and coauthor of The Goldsteins’ Wellness & Longevity (TFH, 2005) says organic apple cider vinegar is good for kitty’s coat and cleansing its body of toxins. “The natural acidity helps regulate digestion, and the pectin helps keeps the intestines in good shape.”

Vinegar Rx: Add one tablespoon apple cider vinegar to kitty’s water bowl. (Consult your vet for how often.)

Why Kitty Will Purr: Vinegar is natural. Natural remedies can help promote good health and boost longevity.

2. Fleas and Ticks: Flea collars and sprays are full of poisons. Instead of using chemical insecticides (especially on a kitten), turn to vinegar, a less toxic method of flea control.

Vinegar Rx: Put one-fourth teaspoon of distilled white vinegar into each bowl of drinking water for your 10-pound cat; one-half teaspoon for a 20-pound cat.

Why Kitty Will Purr: Flea sprays are harsh and natural flea collars can include some ingredients that might cause an allergic reaction, whereas, vinegar is mild and a good alternative.

3. Kitty Accidents: While most cats can and will use the litter box – accidents happen. Blame it on a urinary tract woe, behavioral issue, a smelly box, or just because. Additionally, cats give their guardians fur balls and other droppings on our favorite bedspreads, clothes, furniture, carpets, and more.

Vinegar Rx: Spray distilled white vinegar ASAP on the fresh pet accident. Rub with a sponge from the center outward. Repeat as needed.

Why Kitty Will Purr: Not only will you be happy to clean up the mess without pricey products containing chemicals, your cat may sense that “Bad Cat!” words won’t be heard because vinegar does the trick.

4. Cat Litter Box: Dish soap contains chemicals. Other cleansers are too harsh. What to use? Vinegar, of course! It’s the perfect remedy to clean the box and zap the odor.

Vinegar Rx: Pour one or two tablespoons of distilled white vinegar into the box and scrub with hot water. Rinse.

Why Kitty Will Purr: A cat’s olfactory senses are strong; not only will they continue using the litter box like a good cat, they won’t be turned off by disturbing smells from strong cleaners.

5. Fat Blaster: Like people, cats, particularly middle-aged and senior ones, are prone to weight gain, especially if they don’t get enough exercise and are fed snacks, vets note. And, too much weight can cause or trigger health problems such as heart diseases and diabetes in pets. The good news is: you can help your feline stay trim and fit with supplements such as vinegar.

Vinegar Rx: Try one teaspoon organic (preferred by holistic vets, like Dr. Goldstein, for the best results to fight fat) apple cider vinegar in drinking water twice a day to help dissolve fats.

Why Kitty Will Purr: Rather than putting your cat on a treadmill or cutting down its food too fast, vinegar is a safe and gradual way to help pare pounds.

6. Immunity Booster: Did you know that research shows vinegar acts as a disease-fighting antioxidant in the bloodstream for humans? No doubt, it can also protect your cat’s immune system from damaging toxins, pollutants in the environment, or even fight cancer.

Vinegar Rx: Use one tablespoon apple cider vinegar in kitty’s water bowl.

Why Kitty Will Purr: As your cat ages, if it defies diseases and lives a longer, healthy life it is a given that contentment for both you and your cat will be the payoff.


Looking for a new, improved way to clean up for your menagerie? Vinegar to the rescue!
Dogs: All canines can use a bath from time to time. After using a mild and natural shampoo, add about two tablespoons of apple cider vinegar to a pitcher of warm water, poured over your dog, and watch the remaining soap come out. It can add a shine to your pooch’s coat, too.

Rabbits: “White vinegar is an inexpensive, safe way to clean your rabbit’s litter pan. Spritz the litter pan with white vinegar to clean and deodorize. Let the pan soak if there is a urine buildup and then rinse clean,” recommends Kim Copél, a small animal lover at Lake Tahoe.

Fish: Ready to clean the fish aquarium but don’t know what to use? Don’t despair! Turn to all natural vinegar to do the job easy and fast. Take distilled white vinegar and mix it with water as you clean the tank. Rinse well and repeat.

Note: Make sure to check with your vet before using vinegar.
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A Toast to Vinegar
by Cal Orey 

Starting any healthy eating program with vinegar, an ancient folk medicine—now widely touted as a valuable weight loss tool and potent elixir—can help you slim down and healthy up.

Chances are you already have these two natural, inexpensive folk remedies in your cupboard–apple cider vinegar and red wine vinegar. It’s time to start using them more, according to Cal Orey, author of the popular book The Healing Powers of Vinegar: A Complete Guide to Nature’s Most Remarkable Remedy Revised and Updated (Kensington, September 2006). Here’s why.

Burn Fat. Idaho-based Nutritionist Ann Gittleman, Ph.D., says acetic acid, the primary ingredient in vinegar, has long been believed to boost metabolism and dissolve fats. “Apple cider vinegar is the best vinegar for weight loss because it contains the highest amounts of purifying and health-promoting potassium, which acts as a fat-flushing agent.”
Vinegar Rx: Every day before each meal, drink 1 to 2 tablespoons of ACV in an 8-ounce glass of water. Add 1 to 2 tablespoons of honey, if desired.

Fight Metabolic Syndrome: Excess body fat puts you at risk for high blood pressure, heart disease, and diabetes. These problems together or “metabolic syndrome” are of concern to baby boomers and seniors, notes Orey who points out that a recent study published in the Wall Street Journal Online reported one in three boomers are affected.

Vinegar Rx: To blast metabolic syndrome, she advises to follow the heart-healthy Mediterranean diet, which includes vegetables, fruits, whole grains, legumes and nuts, fresh fish, and olive oil. Don’t forget fat-burning vinegar—all types including red wine and balsamic vinegars, both derived from grapes.

Turn Back the Clock: In “The Healing Powers of Vinegar,” you will learn red wine and balsamic vinegars contain resveratrol—it’s the latest buzz in the news. Thanks to researchers at Harvard University, a recent study suggests that the natural substance found in red wine and grapes offsets the bad effects of a high-caloric diet in mice and boosts their longevity. Plus, like red wine, they contain other disease-fighting antioxidants such as proanthocyanidins and quercetin.
Research also shows drinking a glass of red wine daily reduces your heart disease risk—the number one killer for both men and women in the United States. But these vinegars can give you all the health benefits of wine, without the alcohol.  Plus, in Orey’s new book she explains how this compound, found in the Mediterranean-style foods such as blueberries and nuts, may play a role in stave off cancer and other age-related diseases boosting your lifespan, too.

Vinegar Rx: Try adding resveratrol-rich vinegars to salad dressings—or sprinkle them on your baked potatoes or vegetables.

Five Cool Home Cures

Looking for a new, improved way to deal with pesky health ailments? Mighty vinegar comes to the rescue in 2007.

Anxiety: Make an anti-anxiety cocktail by putting 1 tablespoon of apple cider vinegar into 1 cup of boiling water and simmering it for a few minutes. For an extra relaxing boost, drop a chamomile tea bag into the cup.

Chapped Skin: Mix your best olive oil-based hand cream with vinegar. Apply this combination each time after you wash your hands.

Hot Flashes: Try 1 tablespoon in one 8-ounce glass of spring water with ice cubes. If you sip a cold, refreshing apple cider drink, you will keep those hot flashes at bay.

Vitamin Tester: Drop your vitamin into ½ cup of vinegar. Stir the solution a few times during the course of 20 minutes. If the vitamin separates into tiny pieces, it’s good. If not, look for a different brand.

Vinegar Rx: An Ancient Universal Emergency Essential Makes a Comeback, Says Disaster Preparedness Expert      
Researchers at Busselton Hospital in Western Australia recently discovered that vinegar may be the anti-pain reliever for jellyfish stings. Disaster preparedness expert Cal Orey, author of, "The Healing Powers of Vinegar: A Complete Guide to Nature's Most Remarkable Remedy: Revised and Updated," praises vinegar home cures -- which medical experts worldwide believe can also be used for first aid and safety after natural disasters such as earthquakes, fires, floods, hurricanes, and tornadoes. 2007-08-21
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